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Net Wt 0.3 Oz-8g - 1 Month
Net Wt 0.3 oz | usd

vibrant konjac sponge

For skin that feels like purest silk, you'll love pellu's vibrant konjac sponge.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Gentle exfoliation using natural fiber
  • Deep cleansing for your pores
  • Made from 100% organic konjac vegetable

“And music, in full streams, pours down all hills, giving voice to dreams.”
― Stella Gibbons, ‘Writ in Water’

Liana’s insights

I fell in love with this organic sponge the moment I tried it. Unlike many scrubs, konjac fiber never irritates my face and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean.
Tip: make sure the sponge is 100% squishy before using it.

- Liana Ashenden, Founder of Pellu

get baby-soft skin, naturally

The konjac sponge is a simple yet astonishingly effective beauty secret from Asia that exfoliates and cleanses pores without irritating or scratching your skin. Made from 100% organic konjac vegetable fiber. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Pregnancy safe.

made with carefully selected natural ingredients
  • Amorphophallus konjac (Konjac) Root Powder

    Extremely gentle exfoliation, leaves your skin smooth and soft.


Squishy and slippery when fully hydrated


Fragrance free

top benefit

Fresh radiant skin with unblocked pores

how to use

Soak your sponge in warm water until it is fully expanded and feels soft all the way through. Press between palms to dispel excess water. Massage wet sponge over your face, neck and décolletage. Be gentle rather than vigorous on your skin. Use every second or third day.

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