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Your Daily Pellu Ritual

Hi lovely,
Welcome to Pellu! We are delighted to be part of your journey towards healthy, beautiful, glowing skin and a “new you”.
If you are confident about skincare, please feel free to skip this tutorial and just follow the instructions for use on the back of each product.
On the other hand, for many of us skincare can be quite confusing. What should you use? When, where, how, and for goodness sake, why?
Perhaps you’d like to understand what all the fuss is about. Or you might just like to make sure you’re getting the most out of Pellu.
If this describes you, please read on!

The tutorial is divided into two sections:
  1. An explanation of why the different steps are important.
  2. Directions for using Pellu products each day.

Skincare explained

The visible skin area below your hairline, down to your jaw and across the width of your face. It includes forehead, nose, the delicate skin around your eyes (avoiding eye contact), cheeks, temples, around your mouth and chin. If you want to, you can also care for the delicate skin behind your ears.

All the skin below and around the jawline, down to your collarbones at the front and nape at the back. Beauty tip: it’s easy to forget about areas we can’t see in the mirror, such as the back of the neck. Japanese consider a woman’s nape beautiful – think of how the geisha’s kimono opens to expose it, so don’t forget this beauty area!

The skin that you show above your swimsuit, from your collarbones down to the top of your breasts. If you want to, you can extend your Pellu ritual to your shoulders as well.

Tutorial Women

When and how often?

For best results, we recommend that you perform your Pellu skincare ritual twice a day, once in the morning and again at night.

In the morning, preparing your skin properly will keep it hydrated and protected under makeup throughout the day. In the evening, your skin will thank you for removing makeup, perfume, oil, sweat, introduced bacteria, and pollution grime before bedtime.

It might take some getting used to at first, but after a while, we promise you’re your skincare will become a quick, easy habit … and a relaxing ritual for you to enjoy.

How much?

This is a hard question for us to answer because everyone’s skin is different. We suggest you start with the suggested amount. If this amount doesn’t cover your face, neck and décolletage, use more. If it feels like too much, use less.


What is exfoliation and why is it important?

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells. As new skin cells move from the base layers of your skin to the surface they gradually compact and dry out, eventually sloughing off. The dead layers at the top can make your skin look dull and lifeless. Removing this layer helps your skin to glow.

Exfoliation can take place mechanically (by physically rubbing away the dead cells) or chemically (with acids such as alpha hydroxy acids).

Many exfoliating scrubs and loofahs are OK for your body, but are too harsh for your face, neck and décolletage. They not only remove the dead cell layer, they also rub away the top layer of healthy skin cells, as well as the beneficial resident bacteria that live on your skin. This leaves your skin irritated, vulnerable and even shiny!

Pellu’s konjac sponge is extremely gentle. Made from 100% organic vegetable fiber, it removes dead skin cells without damaging healthy layers or irritating your skin.

Many other Pellu products contain natural acids from fruit. These acids act as gentle chemical exfoliants.

What is cleansing and why is it important?

Daily life is full of things that affect your skin. As you cross the street, your skin comes into contact with car exhaust and other air pollutants. Makeup (especially foundation) dries out the skin and clogs pores. Sunscreen leaves a residue. Fingers touching your face leave bacteria. Animals lick you. If you exercise or work outside, dirt and dust may get added into the mix. When you cook dinner, droplets of oil disperse into the air and settle on your skin. Plus, your skin excretes sweat and sebum as part of its normal function. These are all part of daily life.

Gentle cleansing removes such impurities from your skin and helps prevent pore build-up, blemishes and irritation.

Many cleanser products contain harsh detergents that strip away all oils, leaving your skin feeling tight, uncomfortable and even squeaky. You’ve probably experienced this. Oil is not the enemy – oxidized, dirty and excessive oil is. Natural oils protect and nourish the skin.

Pellu cleansers are formulated with pure plant oils and help improve your skin’s health and radiance by gently and effectively cleansing away impurities without stripping your skin. After cleansing and exfoliating with Pellu products, your skin will feel clean and soft, not tight.

Beauty tip: it’s a good idea to always massage with your cleanser, as the action helps the cleanser to work into your pores and remove built-up residue.


Why is toning important?

Toning is often overlooked, but it can be very beneficial when properly formulated. In addition to maintaining skin health, toner helps to improve your skin’s elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It performs four important functions in caring for your skin:

  1. Toner removes onto the cotton pad any remaining oil, dirt and debris left behind by the cleanser. In other words, it finishes the cleansing process.
  2. A good toner helps “balance” and protect the skin by returning it to a normal pH. Human skin in its natural, normal state is moderately acidic, similar to tomato juice or black coffee, with a pH of below 5. This acid mantle, as it’s called, helps to ward off unfriendly microorganisms and keep good resident bacteria happy. Tap water, soaps, and cosmetics (all alkaline) increase the pH of the skin. Beware of formulas that say “pH balanced” as this can equally mean “pH neutral” (pH = 7), which is not ideal for skin. Pellu toner is perfectly designed to restore the skin to its natural, protective acidity.
  3. Unlike cleansers, toner is not washed off and can deliver additional nutrients to the skin. Pellu toner contains active ingredients to help soothe and nourish the skin hours after applying it.
  4. Applying moisturizer straight on top of damp toner locks in extra hydration from the toner’s water content and gives a youthful look to the skin.


Why is moisturizing important?

Dehydrated skin shows more wrinkles! Moisturizers add moisture, helping to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizers also perform other important functions. If formulated well, they protect and repair your skin, improve skin tone, smooth texture, and mask any imperfections.

Your skin needs a range of beneficial ingredients with the stresses of modern day life, including humectants to lock in moisture, antioxidants to combat free radicals, emollients to smooth the skin’s surface, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Pellu moisturizers and eye cream contain all of these and more, and help your skin stay dewy, supple and youthful looking.

Do I need an eye cream as well as a facial moisturizer?

It is up to you whether to add eye cream to your ritual.

Your moisturizer will work perfectly well all over your face, and you can save time by skipping extra treatment steps.

However, the skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. It is also more sensitive and prone to wrinkles. Applying a specialist eye cream can provide much needed, concentrated support to this area.

Pellu Eye Cream is fragrance free and contains skin-repairing ingredients to nourish the delicate skin around your eyes.

Directions for Use

Tie back your hair, wash your hands, and you’re ready to start!

konjac sponge
In the basin, shower or bath, soak your sponge in warm water until it is fully expanded and rehydrated. (It should feel soft all the way through, with a gel-like texture.) Press between palms to dispel excess water.

Massage wet sponge in circles over your face, neck and décolletage. Massage your ear lobes and behind the ears. Be gentle, not vigorous – the fibers in the sponge will do all the work for you!

Remember that your sponge is a completely natural vegetable product and won’t last forever. To extend your sponge’s life to 3 months, always rinse it out well after every use and hang it (using the thread) in a cool, well-ventilated place.

It is not necessary to exfoliate every day. Every second or third day is fine.

Beauty Tip: add your Pellu cleanser to the sponge to save time! (But when massaging near your eyes, ears or lips, please rinse off the cleanser first).

Squeeze out a pea size amount of cleanser onto your fingers, a cotton pad, a face cloth, or your Pellu konjac sponge.

Gently apply cleanser to your face. You can add water if you want to work up a lather, or use on its own, it’s up to you. Use a massaging action to work the cleanser into your pores and remove buildup.

Massage across your forehead and temples and between the eyebrows. Massage onto your nose, working into the creases around your nostrils. Massage onto your cheeks, around your mouth, all over your chin and under the jaw. Then gently massage cleanser over the entire surface of your neck including the nape. Finally move onto the décolletage.

Rinse everywhere the cleanser has touched with plenty of lukewarm water, until there is no cleanser left on the skin, and pat dry with a clean towel.

You can use Pellu cleansers in the bath and shower.

Beauty Tip: Pellu cleansers are not eye makeup removers. Always use a specialist eye-makeup remover that is ophthalmologist approved.

Beauty Tip: If you use heavy foundation, and your Pellu cleanser isn’t strong enough to remove it, we suggest you use a specialist makeup remover and immediately wash off the remover with water to reduce its contact time on the skin. Follow with Pellu cleanser.

Pellu products are rich and luxurious and a little goes a long way.

Our airless bottles are designed so that you can dispense half pumps as well as full pumps. By not compressing the pump all the way down, you can dispense only the amount you need.

Start by dispensing a pea sized amount for your face. Add more for your neck and décolletage area. You will discover the amount that works best for your skin.

To apply, dab your Pellu moisturizer onto face, neck and décolletage. Smooth the cream very gently over your skin. Beauty tip: if you moisturize while your skin is still damp from toner, it will lock in extra moisture.

Please “shake, tip and tap" your bottle of toner with every use. This prevents the goodness contained in the extracts from settling at the bottom of the bottle, and ensures your toner is optimal when it meets your skin.

Soak toner onto a cotton pad and wipe gently over face, neck and décolletage. Use enough that your skin feels fresh and alive. Next, apply Pellu moisturizer straight away, while your skin is still damp from the toner.

eye cream
Dispense a lentil sized amount. Using your fingertips, dot eye cream in a half circle around your delicate eye area above the cheekbones and near the temples. Gently smooth, without going too close to the eye itself. With the small amount left on your fingertips smooth under the eyebrow.

Beauty tip: cream tends to “creep” along the eye area so it will move across the surface after you apply it.

Tutorial women

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