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Liana is a New Zealander, mom, and nature lover who cares passionately about the well-being of women and children.

Meet Liana

“To me, well-being comes from healthy bodies, positive environments, hearts full of gratitude, and resilient minds. It also means knowing your own value and finding the courage to embrace your true self”

A few years ago, Liana was horrified to learn about toxic chemicals in skincare products.

“I felt personally betrayed by my favorite brands. Some of these substances build up in breast tissue, disrupt endocrine systems, or may be linked with cancer! Where was our consumer protection? How could big companies get away with it? I was pregnant at the time and became very angry. The situation reminded me of past centuries, when people poisoned themselves for beauty using lead paints and powders, ammonia washes, arsenic skin whiteners. I had always thought those women were completely bonkers, and here I was doing the same thing without realizing it!”

Liana immediately searched for alternatives.

Here’s what she was
looking for:

  • Beautiful results – how about clean, moist, supple and glowing skin?
  • A pleasurable experience – like most women she loves the quiet, sensory ‘me’ time and the luxurious feel and scent of a great beauty routine.
  • Trustworthy, nontoxic ingredients – because skincare should improve health, not diminish it.

After trying one product after another, Liana came to the reluctant conclusion that no single brand had everything she was looking for. She met wonderful people and companies along the way, but something was always missing.

Liana put her research background* to good use and read hundreds of scientific articles on plant ingredients, distilling the information into a wish list for skincare based on evidence not marketing. (Check out our Ingredient Glossary)

She consulted with experts, insisted on non-toxic ingredients with proven results, and focused on outstanding customer experience.

Pellu was born!

Pellu’s mission is to promote well-being through effective, enjoyable, ethical skincare. Just like Liana wanted.

*Liana has a BSc in Human Physiology from Auckland University and a PhD in English Literature from Cambridge University. She has published in Trends in Molecular Medicine and written summaries of scientific articles for busy GPs.