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pellu generous hand & body cream

Feel lithe and supple all over with Pellu Generous Hand & Body Cream. An anti-aging and hydrating formula for all skin types, designed to enhance skin softness.

"I love this hand and body cream. It has a subtle fragrance and feels beautiful on my skin. The effects of it can be felt immediately."
Elisa Wagstaff, Sydney

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"This gorgeous pampering cream was top on the wish list of our customers! Hands and body deserve hydration and anti-aging love just as much as the rest of you!"
Liana Ashenden, Founder of Pellu

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Pellu® Generous Hand & Body Cream

$48 $38 5 fl oz
Pamper your hands and body for silky softness.

  • All skin types
  • Conditioning mango butter and peach kernel oil
  • Antioxidant age repair with blackberry extract and vitamin E
  • Hydrating, organic aloe vera juice and glycerin
  • Soft, smooth, silky skin

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