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Normal Combination Skin: Pellu®Natural Beauty System

Gives you a beautifully soft and glowing complexion.

  • Anti-aging solution for normal or combination skin types
  • Achieves smooth, clear softness
  • Enhances elasticity and improves wrinkles
  • Revitalizes dull areas

    Liana’s insights

    A three step kit makes your beauty routine quick and easy. The products in this kit are designed to cleanse deeply, while providing a treasure trove of ingredients to delight normal skins.
    Tip: If shine is a concern, try the kit for oily skins to start with and change to the normal kit when your skin settles down.

    - Liana Ashenden, Founder of Pellu

    The perfect formulation to cleanse and nourish for super soft skin

    PURIFY: A deep cleanse with coconut sugars.
    BALANCE: Healing toner restores natural pH.
    GLOW: Anti-aging cream boosts moisture and suppleness. Sesame protein instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Potent antioxidant plant extracts reduce the free radical damage associated with aging for ongoing skin health. Anti-sag formula includes collagen, vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, and hyaluronic acid to support your dermal matrix.

    made with carefully selected natural ingredients
    • Melissa officinalis leaf (Lemon Balm) Extract

      Fights free radicals and calms skin

    • Manuka Honey

      Contains natural antibacterial actives and promotes healing and regeneration

    • Hydrolized Sesame Protein

      Reduces the appearance of fine lines for an instantly smoother, youthful look


    Rinse-off gel cleanser, refreshing toner, smooth white moisturizing cream


    100% natural fragrances, evoking citrus, pine and summer fruits

    top benefit

    Supple skin that resists signs of aging

    How to apply the Pellu Normal Combination Skin
    Your Daily Pellu Ritual

    Avoid contact with eyes. Contains natural fragrance.

    Step 1 Purify - Pellu Cleanser
    Gently massage cleanser onto face, neck and décolletage. Rinse well with lukewarm water and pat dry. For best results use morning and night.

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    you’ll love it – or your money back

    Over a three year period, we asked women of all ages with different skin types, beauty concerns, and environments to test Pellu products and give us their honest feedback. We listened and reformulated, ensuring Pellu provides a luxurious experience for women like you.
    We’re convinced you’ll love Pellu skin care products. So much so, that if for any reason you are not fully satisfied, let us know within 60 days and we’ll send you your money back. It’s a promise.